ZUMBA class is the absolute most fun way to burn 600+ calories per hour!

Zumba in Katy 77449 Power Zumba

Power Zumba has the Method to Tone Your Body Like Never Before!

Learn to dance the Latin steps of Salsa, Samba, Bachata, Flamenco, Reggaeton, Tango, Latin Pop, Belly Dance, and more while you listen to great music and burn a ton of fat!

ZUMBA Classes

I am sure you are excited to begin your first Zumba class with us,and we are excited to meet you as well.
Zumba is sure to make you sweat, so please come prepared with comfortable, loose fitting workout attire, a water bottle, towel,
and yoga mat (if you have one).Our training sessions are conducted on a padded floor so you will not be allowed to wear shoes on the
Get ready for high quality, personal instruction! Our classes are all semi-private which means that you have direct access to the
instructor at all times to insure quick progress. This Format is what separates our program from any other in the area and we are
confident you will see an immediate difference even if you have tried Zumba before!
Your class will be one hour long and includes a strength training component at the end. This is not offered in any other zumba
program. Depending on the day you come you may learn basic steps, choreography, or zumba toning which are all taught by our official certified Zumba Instructor.
You can choose to become a temporary member or a full member. Temporary members enroll in a block of 5 classes at a time. Full
members enroll on a recuring monthly basis and are also granted full access to our Kickboxing program. Full members also receive an official Zumba T shirt for FREE and a pair of professional boxing gloves for FREE with enrollment!  Your Instructor will discuss the
pricing options of each membership after your intro class.

Once again we are super excited to meet you and begin having agreat time together while you transform you body with Zumba in Katy!

To Start Now with our BEGINNER SPECIAL submit your information in the box in the side of the page or CALL NOW 713-471-8754

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