FAQ About Zumba

FAQ About Zumba

Zumba is the original dance exercise routine that’s sweeping the city.

With various dance steps from meringue & salsa to bollywood & belly dancing they are mixed together into a routine with a great party atmosphere.

Zumba was originated by Beto Perez from South America who one day forgot the music for his aerobics class. All he had was a box of music CDs from his car. With that mixed bag of music the lesson he taught proved to be very well liked & the rest is history.

It was discovered that alot of students were intimidated by the normal way of teaching a work out class. So in comparison all Zumba work outs are led with no or minimal verbal queuing & with no pressure from the instructor to execute the steps properly.

The people in the class just copy the steps the instructor is executing but if they can not or don’t desire to do that routine, all they need to do is to do their own thing, keep moving & to have fun fun fun!

Zumba is great for anyone over the age of 16 and is suitable for all ranges of fitness and experience. But for dancers younger than that there’s Zumbatomic. There is no dress code (Spandex is NOT mandatory!).

Just use what you feel comfortable in but also remember you will be very hot! The best shoes to use are those that will give your foot support (similiar to an aerobic type shoe). It’s good not to wear a shoe that has too much traction because can cause work load on your knees.

People are asked to bring a towel & a drink along them as they’ll become very hot! There is a stop after each track allowing everybody to take a little drink of water before the party keeps going.

With Zumba instructors opening up everywhere,neighborhoods are slowly starting to tremble as if struck by an earthquake, as students shimmy, shake & move to the awesome Latin beats that is Zumba Fitness.

Zumba is contagious with alot of people having to go to 4 or five work outs per week because they like the class SO much.

In an average hour long class, you will work off close to five hundred – six hundred calories but can reach as many as eight-hundred when you pull all of the stops out.

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