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Becoming a Zumba Instructor has been a life changing decision for me.


Zumba enabled me to quit my corporate job and embark on a new career as fitness instructor deditcated to enhancing the lives of my students. There is a priceless feeling when I see the joy and passion I have for Zumba manifested on the faces of the girls in my classes who are improving themselves on a daily basis and becoming empowered to overcome other obstacles in their lives.

The biggest opportunity for helping the world came to me as a direct result of teaching zumba.


I have become involved with Tenderfeet Foundation, a charity dedicated to feeding, clothing, and educating empoverished children in Kenya, Africa. For each bottle of water that is sold at my studio, 100% of the sales go to the the charity. It is a very rewarding experience to see the girls sweat and train hard daily and then the money that comes as a result of that go to such a worthy endeavor. It seems as if the world becomes a better place with every single drop of sweat that is created in our zumba workouts!

In addition to the Tenderfeet Project, myself and girls from my place regularly attend and conduct “Zumbathons” which are used to generate revenue for various charites.Our zumba girls can be seen attending other charity fundraisers and sponsoring participants as well such as the Avon Breast Cancer Walk and the Mud Run 5k Obstacle Course for Salute Inc.

Zumba should be an escape from all of your problems.


For the one hour that you are in our zumba class nothing else exists but the joy and friendship that the girls are feeling that comes from the music and positive energy of the team. With enough time you cannot help but want to share that feeling of joy with your friends and community.

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