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Houston Fitness

Power ZUMBA  Houston Fitness class is the absolute most fun way to burn 600+ calories per hour!

Houston Fitness, Zumba in Houston, Katy, Cypress, 77449, 77084, 77095

Andrea Promises to Get you into AMAZING Shape in her Power Zumba Program!

Come to Power Zumba  Houston Fitness workout,

have fun, and learn how to dance.


You will train 6 days a week, even twice a day if you can or want.

Power zumba Houston Fitness offer classes in the mornings and evenings.

  • Our Zumba classes are designed based on Interval Training by far, the Best way to burn fat!

  • Power ZUMBA  Houston Fitness classes are smaller than what you will find at huge commercial fitness gyms.

  • You enjoy easy access to the instructor and learn how to do the workout correctly.


For all those reasons and more Power Zumba Houston Fitness is The Best facility in the area.


Many of our members also enjoy combining ZUMBA Houston Fitness Classes with our Kickboxing and Boot Camp Programs for an additional fun and effective workout!


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