Zumba in Houston, Zumba in Katy, Zumba in Cypress, Zumba 77449, Zumba 77084, Zumba 77095 Women's Only Classes in Zumba, Zumba Toning, Kickboxing, and Boot Camp. 18071 W. Little York, Katy, TX 77449


Come and try a ZUMBA® class at

Power Zumba with Andrea.

You will workout EVERY group of muscle

burning 600+ calories per hour!

For us working out is not a hobby


let us show you HOW TO:

Lose inches

Lose weight

Tone the muscles that you already have

Prevent injuries

Workout correctly to achieve Your Goals!






Is stress or depression part of your life?

Do you need motivation to keep up with your daily work out? 

Do you need to become healthier?

Do you want to look more fit?



In Power ZUMBA Houston you will get rid of all your stress. This is one of so many benefits of our classes.  You will be working out with the most wonderful group of ladies!! 


We offer Text messaging to remind you the days and time if it is necessary to keep you on track.


Our Zumba and Zumba Toning Houston programs are the perfect combination for weight loss and toning. While zumba® consists primarily of interval training, in  Zumba Toning® we will do Zumba with small weights to sculpt your muscles! DO YOU NEED MORE?


We also offer great Kickboxing and Boot Camp programs to increase your strength and conditioning in our facility.


After class, we like to share advice concerning nutrition, food, and recipes.

So, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR??? Call me and schedule a Lesson!!!!



Many of our members also enjoy combining ZUMBA with our Kickboxing and Boot Camp Program for an additional fun and effective workout.

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